Navigator Travel in Greece is committed to providing exceptional travel experiences that are sustainable, responsible, and eco-friendly. Our mission is to promote sustainable tourism practices that minimize our environmental footprint while maximizing the benefits to local communities and economies.

We believe that responsible travel is not just about enjoying the beauty of Greece but also about preserving it for future generations.

Our sustainability policy is guided by the following principles:

  • Environmental Conservation: We strive to minimize the negative environmental impacts of our operations by reducing waste generation, conserving energy and water resources, promoting sustainable transportation modes, and minimizing pollution through responsible waste management practices. We will also support conservation efforts to preserve Greece's unique flora & fauna and cultural heritage.
  • Community Development: We will prioritize working with local communities and businesses to promote economic development while preserving local traditions & culture. We will also support local initiatives that promote education, health care, and social welfare.
  • Customer Satisfaction: We will provide our customers with exceptional travel experiences that are sustainable, responsible, and eco-friendly. We will also ensure that our customers are aware of our sustainability policy so that they can make informed choices that align with their values.
  • Collaboration & Partnership: We will collaborate with local authorities, NGO’S & other stakeholders in Greece’s tourism industry to promote sustainable tourism practices and share best practices. We will also participate in industry-wide initiatives that promote sustainability and responsible tourism.
  • Continuous Improvement: We will continuously monitor and evaluate our sustainability performance and strive to improve our practices through regular training and education of our staff. We will also regularly report on our sustainability performance to our customers and stakeholders to ensure transparency and accountability.

1. Sustainability Management & Legal compliance

Navigator Travel is committed to sustainability practices through a comprehensive policy that encompasses various aspects of their operations. This includes the appointment of sustainability coordinators who are responsible for overseeing tasks and developing action plans for policy updates. These coordinators are required to have completed Travelife training and examinations within the past three years to ensure they are well-equipped for the role.

In addition, Navigator Travel has crafted a sustainability mission statement that effectively communicates the company's goals for sustainable practices to guests, business partners, and stakeholders. This mission statement serves as a guiding light for our endeavors in promoting sustainability within the organization.

The company adheres to a strict sustainability policy that outlines the guidelines all employees and business partners must adhere to. This policy is designed to preserve the social, cultural, historical, environmental, and economic riches of the destinations and local communities that Navigator Travel operates in.

Key staff members undergo Travelife training to ensure they are well-versed in sustainable practices and actively participate in policy implementation. Moreover, Navigator Travel actively participates in local events and forums that promote sustainable tourism through various organizations such as SETE,CLIA, HATTA/ fedHATTA, the American - Hellenic Chamber of Commerce and “marketing Greece”.

Regular assessments are conducted bi-annually to gauge the effectiveness of policy implementation and are reported to management through sustainability coordinator reports. Navigator Travel has also developed a sustainability action plan with defined targets, responsibilities, and timelines to guide staff in its implementation.

The company monitors and assesses policy implementation regularly and effectively communicates their sustainability mission and policies through their website, newsletter, and other publications.

Finally, the company ensures that all staff and management comply with local and international legal requirements, providing guidelines on anti-corruption, anti-discrimination, and health and safety regulations .

2.Internal management: social policy & human rights

Navigator Travel adheres to the national general and sectoral collective labor agreements of Greece. Employees are not obligated to disclose their union membership. The company does not condone forced labor in accordance with Greek Labor Law, and employees can terminate their employment with one month's notice.

Navigator Travel has a rigorous employment contract for all employees, which is also submitted to the relevant government body. The company complies with minimum wage laws and the sectoral collective labor agreement. Overtime is paid in accordance with Greek Labor Law. Medical insurance is provided for all employees in accordance with Greek law.

Navigator Travel offers paid maternity leave to pregnant or expecting mothers based on physician orders. Work-related disability-risk accidents that occur at the workplace are covered by social security policies in accordance with Greek Labor Laws, as well as fixed yearly paid holidays, sick leave, health, safety, anti-discrimination, child labor, accessibility, and internship policies.

Staff suggestions and ideas are encouraged, and disciplinary procedures are documented and strictly followed. Navigator Travel provides resources for staff training, access to education, and experience gaining. Employees can raise concerns or file complaints regarding employment issues, suggestions, or any other matter without fear of retaliation. Most issues and grievances are handled between the interested parties or with one's supervisor due to Navigator Travel's small size as well as its family environment.

3.Internal Management: Environment and community relations

Navigator Travel, adheres to internal environmental management practices by prioritizing sustainable products and services, preferring local, eco-labeled, organic, and low carbon footprint items.

The company uses eco-labeled printer paper and double-sided printing by default. It also purchases products in bulk to minimize packaging waste, uses non-hazardous and biodegradable cleaning supplies, prints brochures on recycled or environmentally friendly

paper, when necessary, encourages online communication to reduce paper usage, monitors energy consumption, measures carbon emissions, measures kWh consumption using a green electricity company, considers low energy equipment when purchasing new products, sets electronics to energy-saving mode.

Navigator Travel has a policy to reduce water consumption, follows a recycling policy, uses refillable bottles and ink, recycles batteries, minimizes and substitutes hazardous materials, reduces unnecessary business travel, encourages public transportation, reduces transport-related impacts through phone or video-conferences, respects natural heritage in new constructions, and incorporates local elements in art, architecture, and culture in its operations and activities.

4.Partner agency

Navigator Travel is committed to promoting sustainable growth for its partner agencies by implementing a policy focused on this goal. The company communicates its sustainability policy to partners, suppliers, and stakeholders, requiring them to adhere to it and pass it on to their customers where applicable.

To ensure compliance, Navigator Travel includes important sustainability clauses in contracts with partners and suppliers. These clauses cover issues such as sexual exploitation, child labor, non-discrimination, anti-corruption and anti-bribery, waste management, and biodiversity protection. If violations are discovered, contracts may be terminated.

Navigator Travel provides sustainability training to partner agencies to help them understand their responsibilities and how to implement sustainable practices. The company also offers incentives to encourage sustainable practices among partners and key suppliers.

Partners are expected to abide by local, national, and international legislation and regulation, and living wage laws must be followed. Navigator Travel recognizes that sustainable growth is a shared responsibility and is committed to working with its partners and suppliers to promote a more sustainable and responsible tourism industry.


At Navigator Travel, we recognize the importance of promoting sustainable transport options in our operations, while also ensuring the comfort, safety, and affordability of our passengers. To achieve this, we engage in open dialogue with cruise lines to mutually agree on sustainable transport alternatives whenever feasible. Our decisions are guided by a holistic approach that considers practical factors such as passenger numbers, safety concerns, comfort levels, and pricing.

In line with our commitment to sustainability, we prioritize the use of more environmentally friendly transport options for transfers and excursions. We take into account various factors, including the availability of sustainable modes of transportation, passenger numbers, safety considerations, comfort levels, and pricing. Our goal is to provide our clients with sustainable travel experiences while minimizing our carbon footprint.

Moreover, we strive to promote and offer more sustainable services, excursions, and activities. We believe that by doing so, we can contribute to a more sustainable tourism industry and inspire our clients to adopt more eco-friendly travel habits. Our efforts towards sustainability are not just a matter of compliance, but a reflection of our values and commitment to preserving the environment for future generations.


At Navigator Travel in Greece, we are committed to promoting sustainability in the tourism sector. We aim to work with accommodations that prioritize sustainable practices and have obtained relevant certifications. Our strategy includes communicating our sustainability policy and requirements to our contracted accommodations, as well as including standard sustainability clauses in our formal contracts.

In addition, we encourage and support accommodations to participate in sustainability training and education programs. We collaborate with stakeholders and tour operators to promote sustainability among accommodations, and provide incentives and benefits to those that actively engage in sustainable practices.

As part of our commitment to ethical tourism, we place a b emphasis on respecting and safeguarding the rights of minors. We request that relevant clauses be included in formal agreements with accommodation suppliers to ensure this. In our selection process, we give preference to accommodations and restaurants that incorporate elements of local art, architecture, or cultural heritage to provide an authentic experience for our guests. We consider factors such as price, comfort, licenses, hygiene, and level of service in this evaluation.

Ultimately, we firmly stand by our decision to terminate any cooperation with accommodations that compromise the provision or integrity of basic services such as food, water, energy, and healthcare. Sustainability is at the core of our operations, and we are dedicated to making responsible choices in the tourism industry.

7.Excursions and activities

In order to promote sustainable excursions, Navigator travel in Greece has developed a policy to ensure the protection of environmentally and culturally sensitive areas. This includes visits to archaeological sites under the protection of UNESCO, excursions in NATURA 2000 network areas, and religious sites. We are committed to improving the sustainability of our excursion base and have communicated our objectives to all contracted excursion providers. Specific instructions and guidelines will be given to visitors when visiting sensitive cultural sites.

Navigator travel in Greece prioritizes activities and excursions with acknowledged sustainability standards. We do not offer activities that harm humans, animals, plants, natural resources, or are socially unacceptable. We strictly adhere to all laws regarding wildlife protection and do not offer excursions involving the harvesting, consumption, trading, or selling of wildlife species.

Excursions involving interaction with wildlife are offered only if compliant with National Legislation and European Directives. We exclusively work with certified licensed guides to guarantee the quality and safety of our excursions. Efforts are made to include activities in our excursions that directly support local communities, such as purchasing services or goods, promoting local food, crafts, and products. By adhering to these guidelines, Navigator travel in Greece aims to promote sustainable tourism practices and contribute to the conservation of the environment and local culture.

8. Tour leaders, local representatives, and guides

At Navigator Travel, we prioritize sustainability in our approach to tour leaders, guides, and representatives by implementing several measures. Firstly, we become members of the Greek Federation of Professional Tourist Guides to access their members' contact details and sign a collective employment terms and conditions agreement through our partnership with the Association of Licensed Tour Guides. This ensures that our licensed guides are self-employed and aware of their employment terms and conditions.

Secondly, we adhere to the collective labor agreement concerning tour leaders and local staff, as well as legal minimum wage standards of the industry. This guarantees that our professionals are fairly compensated for their work.

Thirdly, we cooperate only with professional guides who have completed a 4-year academic study and hold a government diploma and license. This ensures that our guides have the necessary knowledge and expertise to provide our guests with an exceptional experience.

Fourthly, we keep the guide association informed about our sustainability policies and involve and train tour leaders and guides by inviting them to join Travelife. This allows us to share best practices and promote sustainable tourism.

Fifthly, we instruct tour leaders to provide information on relevant sustainability matters to guests at destinations. This includes topics such as conservation, cultural sensitivity, and responsible tourism practices. Sixthly, we provide dress code and photography information when visiting religious sites to ensure that our guests respect local customs and traditions.

Lastly, we provide all local staff and representatives with information about sexual exploitation of children at destinations and have clear instructions to report any and all suspicious activity to local police. This demonstrates our commitment to social responsibility and protecting vulnerable communities.

By implementing these measures, we ensure that our tour leaders, guides, and representatives uphold high standards of professionalism, sustainability, and social responsibility, making Navigator Travel a leader in sustainable tourism.


Our sustainability policy toward Navigator Travel destinations in Greece prioritizes the consideration of sustainability factors in the selection of new routes, excursions, and activities. We aim to provide our guests with alternative and unique attractions that go beyond mainstream tourist hotspots.

We are committed to working closely with our cruise line partners to consistently explore more eco-friendly modes of transportation to and from destinations, while ensuring accessibility for all our guests.

Furthermore, we actively support initiatives that contribute to the enhancement of local infrastructure and services, as well as foster positive relationships between local stakeholders and the cruise industry. Our close collaboration with SETE, CLIA, HATTA/ fedHATTA, the American - Hellenic Chamber of Commerce and “marketing Greece” where our directors hold elected board positions, allows us to actively participate in promoting sustainability efforts within the tourism industry.

As part of our commitment to environmental conservation, we strictly adhere to the CITES treaty and the IUCN Red List. We refrain from promoting souvenirs that contain endangered flora and fauna species and include clauses in our agreements to uphold this policy.

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